Commercial Photography is the visual process where individual images are commonly recruited for selling, promoting or advertising a product, a service or even an idea on behalf of a company or a brand. The best way to accomplish that is if in the core of your brand there exists a solid concept. The concept is the seed from which any successful promotional work can grow and expand. For a concept to be succesful you need to understand and target your audience, to comprehend what your style and what your palette is. Then, you need to create a composition that can clearly communicate this to the viewer. In Verre Terne we welcome the process of experimentation and we accept the limits it imposes. 

We work innovatively and meticulously to keep the balance between a multitude of factors and endless options where everything in the frame is significant. We believe that the task of taking a creative concept and turning it into an image that can be utilized in the field of commercial photography is born through creativity and completed through technical knowledge and step-by-step contact with our clients. Therefore, the outcome of our photo/video sessions are of impeccable quality and can be used for a very wide range of marketing purposes, from social media platforms to printed advertisements.


Lala Rafiq is a luxury brand that creates ethically-made boho chic resort wear.


Bored is a bar-restaurant located in the heart of Athens.


For anyone visiting Santorini, perhaps the first activity that will come to mind is a cruise in a Catamaran.


Just like a precious black gem unearthed from the volcanic rocks, Mavro Restaurant at Kivotos Hotel & Villas adorns the caldera of Imerovigli with its distinctive, all-black architecture.

Poniros Jewellery

In this campaign we meet Poniros jewellery.

East Breeze

Let us take you to East Breeze, where you can enjoy premium drinks, quality food and the aegean sea.


It is no secret that Santorini has a longstanding tradition in the wine-making field.

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