A special installment in our documenting of the Orthodox Easter in Santorini.

Orthodox Easter is one of the greatest Holidays in Greece and in Santorini the entire community bands together every year, without fail, for the festivities.

One tradition that is unique to this island takes place on the evening of Good Friday. On this day, every year the residents of the island place tin pots around the rooftops of entire villages and light them on fire after the sun sets and the priest has begun the service. This tradition originated from Pyrgos village and soon spread to many other villages around the island. The tin pots take days, if not weeks, to prepare and once they are alight they create the illusion of the entire village being on fire.

It is a breathtaking spectacle that resembles no other and attracts people from the entire country, who wish to witness it firsthand.

It was our great priviledge and pleasure to document the process and the preparation for this truly authentic tradition. It gives us immense pleasure to be able to present a different aspect of the island, a real look into the culture and the community that supports this world famous destination.